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WElcome to lanin b!

Lanin.B is an E-magazine of The Albright Tejiri Atelier that helps in advertising and visualising products of fashion brands through Digital Models

What we offer



We help visualize your fashion fabrics using 3D virtual models



Personalised E-brochures for your brands, PDF or Website integration


Brand feature

We feature your brands on our monthly E-magazine reaching thousands of readers.


3D garment design

We create bespoke garment design tailored to meet your clients taste.

Virtual models designed for your business

We are committed to the 2030 United Nations SDGs

We support fulfilling the United Nations 2030 SDG agenda and have aligned our goals to SDG 8, 9 and 10. We aim at providing digital transformations to rapidly improve business profits through cutting edge virtual modelling for brand advertisements and product visualization.

For a sustainable and innovative industrialization approach, we are providing a virtual studio where small and large scale businesses have industry standard virtual spaces to showcase their products and services to a global audience. With our virtual models from different races, genders and physique, we are providing a more inclusive representation for businesses to identify with.

How we can help you

  • Visualization of your fabrics or clothing designs through digital models.
  • Digital creation of fashion collections.
  • Provision of digital runways though virtual studios.
  • Brand advertisement.
  • Creation of mockups for your art designs
  • Provision of virtual spaces for displaying art works
  • Brand advertisement
  • Industrial Product Design
  • Product display in virtual studio
Lanin B

Virtual fashion for a greener future

We save your cost of production and reduce waste creation through Virtual Fashion

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